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    The Parrot Package

    Hand Raised Parrots

    We provide quality hand raised birds

Hand Raised and Trained

Hand Raised and Trained

We deliver Aust wide

No matter where you are in Australia we can organise all that needs to be done to get your baby bird to you with no worries at all. Delivery via air freighting or road. (extra costs involved) All birds travel safely in a perched carrier to suit.

Bird Boarding

The Parrot Package have bird boarding available. All you need to bring is your feathered friend & any bed or toys that he/she is close to. Our boarding homes provide a cage,food sorts, play time sessions with hands on if your bird is tame. We assure you your bird is in good hands!

Layby Your Exotic Bird

Every bird lovers dream is to own an Exotic bird. Here at "THE PARROT PACKAGE" is where you can pay off an exotic bird 6-12 mths prior, till your baby is ready from our allocated breeder.

Small Parrots

Small parrots still have big personalities. There are quite a few breeds to choose from.

Medium sized Parrots

Many breeds available. Can learn to talk and even sing a nursery rhyme when taught correctly. You'll absolutely adore these beautiful Parrots!

Medium / large Parrots

When your not looking for a big bird & not wanting a smaller bird. Then there a few to choose from. Their vocabulary become more so than the smaller parrots. So lots of fun teaching them to talk.

Super Friendly

All birds purchased through The Parrot Package sales services are raised to be indoor pets. They are friendly and socialised among our breeders family members. Making them happy to be handled!

Train them young

All babies that are sold through us learn from day one how to be handled with love & affection. They grow fast and learn quite a bit during their raising period. All our breeders are dedicated to providing us the best in a pet bird!

Raised by Hand

Babies are raised by hand not by syringe. Dedication from our breeders is where they are fed by spoon. This gives the baby time to appreciate the hand that feeds them.

Our Parrots

Hand Raised and Trained

we support you and your parrot

Support from us always!

 Support ….is NO.1 from us when you have your Feathered Friend. Anytime you need to know something or your not sure how things are going…we will always be here.

baby parrots

A Parrots Diet

Your babies diet is very important to keep them happy & healthy
Parrots have a long life span, so we feed them right from the very beginning
When you purchase your baby from us, all its diet information is handed to you
You will have all you need to know

parrot cages

Parrot Cages… Which one is right for my Bird?

We will advise you on the right cage for your Feathered Friend!

Our Aviary Complex & Parrot Nursery

All our breeding birds are cared for in a very clean environment. So too are the babies in the nursery.

Mans Best Friend …. deserves a great Toy Pack n Treat

As the saying goes “He’s a mans best friend! …  and your best friend luvs lots of fun activity. So let us help you with a package to keep them happy n healthy

Safe Foods for Birds

As we all know parrots can be very finicky eaters.We are tempted to feed them what ever we can to get them to enjoy eating. DO YOU KNOW…there are foods that are toxic or they just don’t benefit from them. Here we would like you to research foods that are both safe and non- safe […]

Bird Species

Greencheek Conure Scientific Name: Pyrrhura molinae Origin: South America Size: 10 inches in length Life span: 20-30yrs Noise: medium   Sun Conure Scientific Name: Aratinga solstitialis Origin: South America, specifically north eastern Brazil and Guyana.  Size: 12 inches in length Life Span: Up to 30 yrs Noise: Loud ….can get screechy. Most people can tolerate […]

The right cage for your bird!

Selecting the right cage … prior to bringing your Parrot home This is the first major purchase before selecting your new Feathered Friend. There are a number of designs and styles available that we will happily help you choose the right one for your bird. A simple design will be easier to clean and maintain. […]

Welcome to our Website!

Welcome to our  Website!     Hoping you are going to find our site quite user friendly. Here we are aiming to cover many areas regarding owning a pet bird. We hope to save you all the headaches of surfing the net, looking for answers. When most of bird information will be right here. So […]

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Our facilities

Training Techniques

Our babies are taught to step up and some learn to fly to us upon command. Macaws are harness trained

Viewing birds

We welcome you to come view our babies in the seasonal times of the year

Read our testimonials below

we have many happy customers

I got my gorgeous Blue & Gold Macaw boy on Tuesday and only had him 4 days and he's already letting me hand feed him. He lets me tip him upside down for tummy scratches,flew on my head today for the first time! So much more,he is just truly amazing. I couldn't ask for a better bird. Highly recommend The Parrot Package for anyone wanting their first,second,third or tenth parrot.

Monica K … QLD

Our baby bird BUTTONS talks to us (says Love You), kisses us; laughs with us; sings with us; goes on walks and drives with us; showers with us and eats with us (with his own dish of course). He even went camping with us at Xmas. He knows he’s one of us. He is everything I always wanted in a bird and friend. When we bounce our hand he bounces his whole head ... his first trick. He even poops on command ... sometimes. I called The Parrot Package when I’d decided I wanted a new bird for advice on the best breed. My other two birds had flown away. Trish recommended the Cinnamon Green-Cheeked Conure ... A Little Bird with a Big Personality that bonds with you easily. Though we live in Newcastle we were happy to travel to Fairy Meadow so Trish could raise our baby. We bought BUTTONS from Trish when he was still an egg and when he hatched she sent photos of a pink bald pin cushion and our family fell in love. We took him home when he was two months old. As Trish hand raised him tenderly BUTTONS already loved people, was eating well and gave great kisses. Trish gave us great advice when Buttons was settling in and she even sent DNA papers and gave him a leg ring. When Buttons came home my teenage son was dismissive of the new kid and referred to him as Feathers only. Now when I come home from work, Buttons is usually cuddled into his chest purring. If you want a small, clean bird with an engaging interactive social personality, make sure you buy a Cinnamon Green-Cheeked Conure from Trish. I don’t have to worry about him flying away. When I take him outside, if he ends up on the ground he runs to me and climbs up my leg. Be prepared to spend lots of time with your BUTTONS and have him out of the cage a lot as they are highly intelligent and need lots of stimulation. Once you teach them you are the loving boss (takes about two weeks), they are just a pure delight.

Gillian Summers … NSW

The Parrot Package raised a sweet, inquisitive Cinnamon Greencheek Conure that has been welcomed and loved into our family. She is excellent natured and easily handled and by the second day was extremely content in her new home. Everything about the process of purchasing the parrot through, to the helpful information supplied to help a first time family look after and care for such a creature was excellent. I would recommend The Parrot Package to anyone wishing to purchase a parrot. The temperament and personality of this little creature is a testament to the obviously loving environment it was raised in, before it became a member of our family.

Kieran … Melbourne

Hi Trish, I would just like to say thank you again for breeding such a great parrot and being so supportive and professional during the procedure. He is a really happy parrot and is very friendly with my family. I would recommend the quality of your parrots to everyone. You'll hear from me again

Mik … Prestons NSW

We honestly can't thank Trish from The Parrot Package enough for not only raising our super sweet baby Blue & Gold Macaw but for also going above & beyond to make the process so simple & stress free. We live in Qld & our girl arrived happy,healthy and eager for cuddles. Trish you are amazing! Thankyou for everything.

Samantha Cooper … Qld

I have wanted a parrot from The Parrot Package for ages. Well last week I was lucky enough to purchase the sweetest little Hahns Macaw who come and joined my family. She made the trip down to Tassie and came out of her box with no drama’s straight onto my hand. She is an absolute delight, all she wants is to be with me. We sit and read books together ( she likes to help turn the page ) You can tell how much love and attention went into this little girl. Patting her is no problem, she loves tickles under the wings and loves a cuddle. I would recommend to anyone looking for a new member of the family to buy from The Parrot Package Thanks again Trish for sending this wonderful little girl down to me

Mandy … Tasmania

A very big thank you to Trish from The Parrot Package. While waiting for our little mate to grow, Trish provided us with some valuable care information for when we bought our little mate home. When he was ready, he embarked on a couple of plane trips.We picked up our Yellow Dusky Lory from the airport, he was in great condition. Trish warned us it may take him a day or two of getting settled into his new home and may just sit in a corner of his cage while doing so. Our little mate, didn't take that long to settle in, up early and enjoying lots of cuddles from us. He has the best personality and loves attention... and we are more than happy to give it. He is more than what we imagined. We love our new addition. Thanks Trish.

Mike Van Dam … Brisbane

I bought a baby African Grey from Trish at The Parrot Package. From day 1, Trish explained the process to me and sent me regular pictures and updates of my little baby African Grey "Smokey" Trish was great, always answering your questions with helpful information. On the day of delivery, our little Grey baby was everything we expected and more. He was a proper hand raised baby that you could cuddle and pat with no problems. I also highly recommend The Duo Feeder from The Parrot Package. They make it so much easier to feed your bird and the birds make almost no mess for you to clean up. So if your looking for a proper hand raised parrot.... I can’t recommend The Parrot Package highly enough.

Brian … Blue Mountains NSW

Hi Trish, We just wanted to say a huge thank you for your friendly and professional service. We were thrilled to get our new baby Eclectus, Django this week. He is settling in very well thanks to the way you have hand raised him. We were very impressed with the set up you have there and the cleanliness and organisation of it. Very happy to receive your after purchase text messages and the follow up help in answering our questions. It’s very obvious you care very much about your birds, even when they are sold. It has been a pleasure dealing with you Trish, thank you! This is our first feathered friend, we are learning along with him!

Dawn & Andy Van den Oever … Palm Beach Caravan Park Sanctuary Point.

Hi Trish I purchased an African Grey Congo baby 12 months ago from you and most recently today, a Hahns Macaw. Great service & Trish you are always quick with a response. Would recommend to anyone "The Parrot Package"

Robbie M… NSW

Hi Trish Just want to say thank you for Echo, my new Eclectus. We had a little bit of a rocky start but you were right he settled in and is now in charge of the house. I am surprised as to how fast he has adapted to the noises of the house and how quickly he learns. Your support and follow ups have been both insightful and rewarding to mine and Echo's experience. The Parrot Package and their Duo Feeder seem to be a big hit as well for Echo. Many thanks for your continued advice and support

Ian S … NSW

Hello Trish,I just wanted to send you my testimonial and say how much I have enjoyed this experience.Would absolutely have no hesitation on recommending you to anyone. To all that are looking to purchase and make a parrot your companion,look no further than The Parrot Package. Trish is amazing and the service she provides is one of the most professional and attentive I have come across.Her birds are amazing, very gentle and extremely well hand raised. I was amazed at their awesome layby system, which allowed me to archive my dream bird,a Blue & Gold Macaw. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending The Parrot Package to anyone looking for a feathered friend. Absolutely AAA QUALITY I was updated with pictures and calls about how my boy was doing and the advice Trish offers for any question no matter how big or small is invaluable. A MASSIVE THANK YOU TO ALL AT THE PARROT PACKAGE. I just want to add Trish, your a credit to the bird world.

Mitch & Anders … NSW

Hi Trish, I just wanted to say a quick thanks for all the help you have given since I first contacted you. You came highly recommended and for obvious reasons. From the first phone call I made, you listened to what my family needed and helped us decide on the bird that would best suit us. Since Lola our (Quaker parrot) arrived, she has become an integral part of our family. I think that her settling in so well with us is partly due to the support you gave before, during and after her arrival. I feel more confident as Lola’s mum, knowing that you promptly respond to any queries I have. This ongoing support is incredibly appreciated. I will be definitely recommending you to anyone I know that is interesting in purchasing a bird.

Tanya R … Horsley NSW

Hi Trish I would love to say something about your organisation as I have personally found the attention and the follow up you do with your birds is exceptional. I have never had a bird as a personal pet before, other than a budgie that always lived in its cage. Where do I start? ....with the email. Great correspondence. All my questions were answered and your help was very good. Keeping in touch responding to emails and text messages, sending photos of the different stage my bird was at. I was over the moon when (Cobber) finally arrived very calm and able to be handled with no problems. What was more over the top I thought, was the phone call from you to see how Cobber was going the day he arrived. This tells me you are very proud of your work and very loyal to what you do and I would have no hesitation at all at at giving you a reference to all my friends and family. If anyone would like any further information please do not hesitate to call me on 0402299409

Ray & Dianne Busuttil … Albury NSW

I purchased the most adorable Sun Conure from The Parrot Package. Their service is incredibly efficient and most caring. The bird is hand reared to perfection.He is friendly, gentle, funny and very healthy. He has a brilliant appetite and The Parrot Package’s food and care guide is fantastic. He was flown from Brisbane to Perth and the service was amazing!We received a most beautiful happy, healthy bird on the other end :) Great customer service with a phone call on his arrival here at his new home. Thank you so much The Parrot Package

Lisa Hughes … Perth WA

Hi Trish, Thank you so much for our new baby Arnie. My family had always had birds of some sort when I was growing up but this is our first feather baby of our own. We made many enquiries with many breeders and Trish was by far and away the most welcoming and helpful. Once we decided on an Eclectus, Trish offered us advice and assistance on everything from the right cage to what sort of vegies he’d like. We were able to layby our baby and Trish sent us updates and photos from as soon as our baby was hatched. We were in touch every step of the way and Trish’s advice was invaluable. In a few short weeks Arnie has become an integral part of our family and well and truly ‘rules the roost’ when it comes to our two dogs and cat. He has become a part of our lives so quickly it is difficult to imagine life without him. Trish and The Parrot Package facilitated this and we are eternally grateful. Thank you,

Andrew, Emma, Patrick and Beth … Young NSW

Hi Trish and all at The Parrot Package! Thank you so much for our lovely baby Alexandrine "Loki". She's been with us for a little over a week now and is already in full control of the family. The journey she took to get here didn't seem to bother her at all and she has warmed to us all very quickly. I'd like to thank you and recommend you guys for the tremendous help you have been the entire way through from deciding on which baby to purchase, right up to tips and tricks since she's been with us. The information and packages you guys offer is absolutely amazing and the most efficient and helpful around. No other company I've ever dealt with has ever been this involved and hands on for their customers and for that I'm truly thankful! Looking forward to all our future transactions and hopefully my friends and family will all jump on board also!

Danielle Loki … ACT

Hi there, My partner and I had decided to start searching for another Ringneck to keep our very first ringneck company as we work a lot. I searched online and found Trish's website and after clicking every tab on her site and looking at pictures and reading information I thought, "this is the one for us" We made contact and Trish informed us she will have little blue Ringneck's ready to go soon. In the meantime, we ordered the bird vibration speaker which has been great at teaching Percy (our first Ringneck) to talk. After sending me a picture of the little blue boy we fell totally in love.We have had "Yoshi" now for one week and boy is he great. He is constantly making us laugh and the first thing we do when we wake up is peek through the blanket to see if he is ok and there he is, staring straight at us, followed by bouncing up and down on his perch and talking away. Although Yoshi and Percy aren't in the same cage together yet, they are whistling to each other and chatting away which gives us peace to know they both have each other, while we are both working. Trish has been welcoming, informative and very helpful right from the beginning. We can't thank Trish enough for our "Yoshi" and will recommend her to anyone wanting to add another member to their family. Thank you Trish xx

Rebecca … Central Coast

Dear Trish, Thank you so much for our new baby African Grey, Wilson. He is such a joy to have around. After only two days he was cuddling up to us, we can't believe how affectionate and loving he is. He is already starting to test out his voice, making some hilarious noises and we can't wait to hear him talking in the future. His temperament is just beautiful, he is so excited to see us every morning. He doesn't make a peep until he sees that we are up! We couldn't be more pleased to have him in our family and thank you very much for your support and professionalism, in getting him to us. Best Wishes,

Ariane & Ben … Sydney NSW

To our dearest Trish Thanks to you we have one of the happiest birds we could ever hope for. Tiko our new baby African Grey is just lovely as. He responds to almost everything we teach him. We also think he said "Hello"to Bev yesterday. Can't thank you enough for what you have done for us!

Dennis, Bev and Tiko! … Adelaide

Hello everyone, I first met Trish about 3yrs ago when I wanted a bird. I wanted to find someone that had knowledge and the heart for birds, that's when I came across The Parrot Package & Trish. Trish talked me through my options and allowed me to ask as many questions as I needed to. After our chats I went with a Quaker baby. I was very excited as were my kids and husband. As we waited for our egg to hatch, our excitement built as it got closer to bringing our baby bird home. Trish gave us updates and photos when baby "Paulie" hatched and started to grow. Since then we have another Quaker from Trish and our new arrival to our family, a baby African Grey "Alex". Trish has been extremely helpful and willing to answer any questions I ask.She has gone out of her way for my family, which is greatly appreciated. We keep in touch and I send photos to her often. I'm so glad to have met Trish and would recommend The Parrot Package to anyone. Biggest Fans of The Parrot Package

Nazarina and Family … NSW

A tad worried about timing everything perfectly, I went ahead and booked a date on the Spirit of Tasmania. This left only two weeks to get to know the young Alexandrine before throwing him the deep end of Bass Strait. Upon meeting the little rascal I recognised that the spelling of his name was utterly irrelevant to his senses, and that as long as it was pronounced correctly, you can spell 'Cooper, Koopa, Kupa' any way you want as long as you say it three times clearly while standing on one leg etc... Despite the urge to decline towards idiocy in face of a fluffy breathing green Stabilo, I managed to keep it together in a responsible stride through a two week gauntlet, that ended in Tasmania. Cooper took the initial plane trip from Sydney to Melbourne quite well, and was quiet for two days before making his first chirps of acceptance. He knew how to step-up very well and was perfectly gentle with my nervous fingertips. Two weeks flew by and we were suddenly boarding the Ferry. I was understandably nervous, having just bolted the biggest cage I could fit into my campervan. The overnight boat trip was a breeze with Koopa sleeping in his cage, and furthermore he adapted to being in the van almost instantly. We spent three weeks on the road in Tasmania, during which Kupa learned to mimic the didgeridoo, make friends with locals, drive the van and how to break a cage door (among many other things). The bonding experience has been hilarious, and he settled back to home life instantly upon returning from Van Dieman's Land. He has been extremely social around constantly changing faces in our home, and struts a staunch attitude that has me in stitches everyday. Needless to say, Trish must have put some serious work in hand-raising these little critters, because Koopa acts no differently from my friends' two year old HUMAN children. I have now had Cooper for 9 weeks, and he is much bigger than the box he was in when I picked him up. His tail seems to outgrow the backyard, and his beak threatens to become the size of a golf ball. Needless to say, I'm pretty happy with the swelling pile of feathers sent to me, he's perfect. Thanks guys!

Andrew … Melbourne

I am writing this email to a group of wonderful bird lovers. You have given me an amazing bird (Isis Sun Conure). I've grown to love and care for her as if she were my own child and I cannot bear to not let you know the appreciation I have for you and your work. I have a range of birds; rainbow lorikeets, cockatiels and an Indian ringneck and none of these birds make me smile the way Isis does. She has grown so much in the past few months and now is learning to talk and I have no doubt, that it is your dedication and care for her when she was a bub. Her bubbly personality and sneaky ways never stop surprising me and making me smile; I just want to thank you so much. I have so much respect for your work, love and time you give these birds. So again, thank you and I hope you have had a blessed and safe holiday.

Sam Issa & Isis … Bass Hill

Hi Trish From the moment I first enquired about buying a bird from The Parrot Package we received outstanding service and information. Now that Peanut (our Sun Conure) has arrived he has been happy healthy friendly and the perfect little time waster

Daryl & Joanne Watson … Port Hedland WA

We are so thrilled to have found Trish and The Parrot Package. We really wanted a new baby parrot from someone who specialises in hand rearing these amazing birds. We went to meet Trish and were so impressed with the genuine love and care with which she treats all of her birds and the fantastic way The Parrot Package is set up to accommodate her various bird species. In all areas, the environment for her parrots is clean and well maintained and all of her birds were so chirpy, happy and well cared for. We were able to see the baby birds when they were only a few weeks old, select our new baby and Trish kept us updated on his progress with photos and emails during the time before he was ready for us to collect him. Importantly, it is Trish's ongoing support once we got our baby bird home that has been so welcome and helpful in getting him settled,into a good routine from the very beginning. He is bonding very quickly and learning to be one of the family with Trish's suggestions. I highly recommend Trish and The Parrot Package - expert attention from a warm and caring person who really knows what is best for the birds and will assist you, in every way possible.

Dallas and Lasz … Sydney

Hi Trish We would like to thank you for the beautiful Amazon Parrot we bought from you (BOOMER) He is so friendly and smart we wish only if we had met you before, we wouldn't had to spend a lot of money with others and not getting what we wanted. We are so happy with (BOOMER) and he's so happy as well.He didn't take a lot of time to settle into his new home We just kept him in his cage for 24 hours as you told us and the next day he was so fine talking,eating and he was playing with us he was absolutely fine. We would like to thank too, for being honest with us, for calling and emailing us back to check how is everything was going. We honestly had the best experience in dealing with you. You should be amended for your honesty and your excellent service. All is very much appreciated

Wissam & Akhlas … Melbourne

I just wanted to let you know what a delight Coco, my Red Phase Dusky Lori is. He is friendly, fun and beautifully healthy. When I ordered him, I had not only never owned a Dusky lori before, but I was buying him over the internet and I had my reservations. Having said that, I found your service and information was exemplary. The moment I lay eyes on Coco, I knew I had made the right decision. He is just as you represented him, in fact even better and he has exceeded my expectations the way that he has been hand raised. Thank you so much. I look forward to hearing from you when the baby Chattering lori available.

Lorraine Ramsay … Central Coast NSW

After lots of searching the web, and reading information about Eclectus parrots I came across "The Parrot Package". Even before I had committed to purchase one of Trish's birds, she was very forthcoming with information and had all the answers. I have had birds before and so had lots of questions, but she was able to give me great advice on all of them. Living in Canberra we decided we wanted to travel to Fairy meadow to pick up our newest addition to the family, so we took a day trip on Saturday to collect "Kalypso". Trish took the time to explain everything we needed to know about having a young Eclectus. She had printed out information, and at our request had put together a "showbag" of selected toys and food for him. My kids were delighted to be shown many of Trish's other parrots whilst we were there. You can tell that for Trish, this is not a business, it is a passion and she loves each and every one of her feathered children. Trish,Kalypso has settled in very quickly and that can only be a testament to the love and dedication you put into each of your parrots before they are adopted out to their new families such as us. I would highly recommend Trish's parrots to anyone who is seeking a beautiful companion parrot. I know I will be visiting Trish again with my family and Kalypso, so she can see how he is doing.

Jason Murray … Canberra ACT

I would like to thank "Trish at The Parrot Package" for assisting me purchase the perfect surprise for my boyfriend. Our little Sun Conure, is a beautiful bird and has a very special personality. We have only had 'him' for a day and we have already have fallen in love. He enjoys chatting to us and exploring his new cage and toys. The flight suit is a great idea, he won't poop anywhere and I am yet to put it on but Trish's advice on this and teaching me how to feed him was very informative. We have just decided on a name for our little guy- Pablo (after Pablo Picasso as he is just as unique as his artwork, and colourful!) He helped in choosing this as when we were rattling of names, he let out an almighty squawk and flew all around the cage when he heard this one. We interpreted this as it was his favourite. I was very impressed with all the birds at The Parrot Package and found it hard to choose! Many thanks to Trish and her priceless expertise and advice :) I recommend the Parrot Package to anyone looking for a pet or even better a new member of the family. I know I will definitely be coming back again and have already told many people of the great service and quality I received. I can't say enough, the entire experience was perfect and it's not over yet! Thanks again,

Rhiannon and Sam … Wollongong NSW

To anyone looking for a hand raised parrot to join their family, I can highly recommend Trish at The Parrot Package After spending 6 months deciding on the right type of bird for my young family, I finally found the Quaker Parrot. I began seeking them on the internet and of all the choices I decided to contact Trish. I based this choice on browsing her website and reading the testimonials. I could have gone 5 mins down the road to a major pet shop but i liked what I read and wanted a bird that was raised with love and care. From my 1st email I received professional, personal and prompt responses from Trish. Within 2 weeks I met Trish and picked up my baby bird. My young children, Jack, Max and Lexi, are in love with our young Quaker parrot “Roy”. He is very tame and almost immediately was happy to climb onto our hands. A week later he is totally settled, loving the children patting and holding him. He loves to be out of his cage and lets us know he wants to be there.He never hurts the children or me if unhappy, but lets us know in his gentle way what he wants, he is so funny. He loves to sit on the window sill and receive plenty of head and neck scratches, closing his eyes and purring, he is lovely. Thank you so much Trish for a wonderful bird. I am so happy I decided on a Quaker parrot and I am more than pleased that I chose to buy him from The Parrot Package.

Fiona … NSW

Lara has settled in really really well. I thought she may have been a little quite for a day but she was wanting all the attention once I put her in her new cage. We have dwaf rabbits at home so she finds them very interesting an wants to play with them which is so so cute. She already seems to know her name, can't wait till she starts talking. She was so cute yesterday morning when I gave her corn on the cob, she made a right mess hehehe an look like a naughty little kid with corn all over her face. I think her favourite food so far is corn on the cob an cauliflower. Been giving her something different everyday an there doesn't seem to be anything she doesn't like which is great. Absolutely love her an so glad I now have her as my little companion. I have some family friends that will be in contact with you as they are also wanting to purchase an Ecky. I told them that I highly recommend The Parrot Package. They love Lara an can see that she has been well raised and looked after. I will definitely look at getting a male through The Parrot Package once Lara is all settled in, knows her new surroundings an talking. Thank you so much for everything Trish, you really have gone that extra mile with everything. I will keep in touch to give you updates on her progress.

Shane Heard … Sydney

To anyone who is after a parrot, I have no hesitation in recommending “The Parrot Package”, in fact I highly recommend them. I had done my research and decided that a hand reared Electus Hen was for me. After spotting an advertisement for an Electus Hen available through “The Parrot Package” I decided to go ahead. My concern was that I lived in Melbourne and “The Parrot Package” was interstate. After speaking with Trish who settled all my concerns I went ahead with the purchase feeling very confident about the whole procedure. Trish was truly wonderful and helpful. I loved getting a call from Trish the very night Electra arrived just to make sure she was ok and settling in. I was a bit concerned as Electra was not eating. However after talking with Trish who again settled all my concerns I was happy when I hung up the phone. And Trish was right, as the next day Electra was eating and was quite at home. I again was in contact with Trish via email a few days later with another concern and straight away Trish replied and advised me that everything was fine and normal. It is great knowing that if I do have a query later on down the track I can count on Trish with her prompt replies and valuable advice. Thank you once again Trish.

Teresa …. Dingley Village Victoria

Hi Trish I just want to say thank you so much for Maxy, our Moustache parrot,he is the best. My children are so rapt as am I. He is amazing, its so wonderful for something so small to be so big in our family. I just want to say thanks for everything you have done for us with Maxy, for him to be able to accept all of us and more without getting upset or scared, is brilliant. Keep up the good work its well worth it, thanks again.

Sharon and family… Adelaide

I was searching for a moustache parrot for my girlfriends surprise 40th birthday present. After trying pet shops and getting nowhere I turned to breeders. I found a few that bred moustache parrots and was excited. Not knowing to much about the parrot, I started asking questions. Then my excitement turned to disappointment. Phone calls and emails not answered, or if they were, I was made to feel like an idiot. Then surfing the net I found THE PARROT PACKAGE. I was a bit hesitant about getting a bird from the net and interstate, I was worried about scams. So I started looking into THE PARROT PACKAGE. It all seemed legit. So I started asking my questions. Trish was fantastic, always answered my questions, even if they seemed silly. Trish never made me feel like I was stupid! My trust was won and a baby moustache was ordered. Trish helped me get the cage ready with a food and toy package and all the information my girlfriend would need. I was so happy with Trish that I ordered a Green Cheeked Conure for myself. The weekly photos and updates were wonderful. The babies arrived at the airport and looked fantastic. Better than any bird I had seen in a pet shop. All Trish’s help and her beautiful healthy birds made it a very enjoyable experience, and made my girlfriends surprise birthday present the best she has ever had. I would recommend anyone looking for a bird to try THE PARROT PACKAGE. Trish is a GEM..........and Cheeky and Maxy are our new happy, healthy family members!

Cheryl Leathers … Mannum, SA.

I had been trying to get a Major Mitchell baby for my husband David for a long time. I had been placed on waiting lists and given broken promises by many breeders. I was given the name of Trish at The Parrot Package. I spoke to Trish and instantly felt like this might be our time. I was so excited when Trish called and said she had three babies and said we could have one of them! So,on the 14th of August our special girl "Sid" was here. Trish was wonderful we received photos and regular updates. On the day we were to receive her she was to fly to Brisbane, we were so nervous and excited. Trish kept us informed of every step. Everything was perfect. Thank you so much to Trish and everyone at The Parrot Package. We called and emailed constantly and never felt like our questions were a problem. "Sid" has settled in beautifully and I can't thank Trish enough. I would highly recommend The Parrot Package to anyone. They are caring professional and as loving to the birds as you would be with your own.

Donna & David Townsen

Dear Trish, I want to thank you for my new baby Eclectus male (Cosmo). I meet Cosmo at your place when he was 10 weeks old. I had been to 3 previous breeders and began to tire from disappointments at every one. I had options to purchase an Ecelectus at cheaper prices. I wasn't confident nor was I willing to invest time and money to end up with a bird that had complications. I was appalled by the way the owners lived, smoked and breed there birds, it felt like I was at a processing/ breeding factory and that's all it was. What stood out for me other then exceptional service; 1. Clean cages, healthy birds and clean home 2. The level of care and information you shared in educating me about the Ecelectus. This included fact sheets before and after. 3. The purchase I made from you was not a transactional purchase, this was very important to me. 4. You proved to keep and build the relationship I developed with you for the well being of Cosmo. Not only did you keep me informed with his progress, you followed up every time and checked in on his behavior after he had settled in his new home. Cosmo is a well behaved Eclectus, its is clearly obvious the way you nurtured and raised him from day 1 is a reflection of his beautiful nature. I have had no complications, the process was smooth and rewarding. I strongly recommend The Parrot Package to anyone who is after a long-term, quality companion!

Dino Khoury … SYD

To all who would like to buy a feathered friend This is the place to go I would like to HIGHLY RECOMMEND "THE PARROT PACKAGE" I have had the best Service "ever"! My have purchased a Eclectus Hen, named Baby Alus, she is so beautiful and loving. When I got her, she was already a gem. Trish from the Parrot Package sent her by plane, she was in a beautiful freight cage and safe. First I was so worried, but all went so smoothly, thanks to Trish. She was in constant contact that day. She stole our hearts from day one. The Parrot Package (Trish) went out of her way to advice us in every way. She is a very lovely Lady. Anybody looking for that special and healthy feathered friend...... I highly recommend the Parrot Package. I shopped and looked, but wasn't impressed with most, until I came across Trish from the Parrot Package. What a differ. I sure would deal with Trish again. THANK YOU SO MUCH, for our Baby

Daniela … Melbourne

I was able to meet Trish and see her wonderful home with all her beautiful birds before the little male Eclectus I was after, was born. Trish would keep in contact with me to let me know what was happening. I have my little boy now, he is wonderful I couldn t be happier. Thank you Trish for all your help I will be recommending The Parrot Package to everyone I know, if they want a beautiful bird. I will be back.

Nikki … Queanbeyan NSW

To all of those who are buying a pet parrot or thinking about it. I'd like to highly recommend "The Parrot Package". I have for years wished to own a Macaw, either Green winged or Blue and Gold. Finally came the time in my life where I had the chance to get one so I started looking around for breeders, unfortunately there really aren't that many local to where I live, so I decided to look further. I came across Trish's website via Google and decided I would send her an email seeing if she could help me out. Less than a day later I had a reply stating she had available a young blue and gold cock bird, I couldn't have been more excited so I told her I was definitely interested, but because I come from QLD I couldn't meet him before he arrived so I was a little nervous about how it would all go, but the whole time Trish was there to reassure me that everything would be fine. When my baby arrived at Brisbane airport I couldn't get over just how beautiful and big he was. Once home he took a few hours to settle but after about 5-6 hours I was cuddling him and he was lapping up the attention. He already says "Hello" and is taking to a harness well, he loves going outside for a walk around our gardens. I have to say I am very pleased that I chose Trish to help me find my new baby bird, he has bought so much joy to my life already. When I did have questions, she answered them very quickly and gave me so much useful information that came in very handy when he arrived.

Mel … QLD

To anyone interested in purchasing a handraised companion baby bird, I sincerely recommend "The Parrot Package". I had the pleasure of knowing an Eclectus hen through work for two years, and had since been in love with them. Determined to have a female, I found my beautiful Ava through Petlink, a classifieds site for animals, and after sifting through various advertisements, I couldn't go past the fabulous website The Parrot Package offered. I read the testimonials, pored over the site relentlessly, decided to contact them and was immediately offered assistance by the wonderful Trish. I sought reference from a dear friend of mine, also a breeder, and she gave Trish a 110% recommendation. I was sold! Trish happily answered any questions and allowed me to pay off my gorgeous girl as she was raised and weaned. The day I received my first photo of my new love, and the great news she was ready to go, I was ecstatic! A few days waiting, and a few hours trip later I arrived at The Parrot Package and was welcomed into Trish's beautiful home. It was the home of a bird lover. The whole set-up of her house was so natural. Everything was in perfect condition, from her nursery to her aviaries and all her birds, babies and adult were happy and healthy and all were fed on a wonderful diet supplied fresh everyday. Nothing could be more comforting than seeing a wonderful environment you're purchasing a bird from. I give full credit to Trish and all the friendly and wonderful people with The Parrot Package. The ongoing support, advice and 'catch-up's' are a nice touch and I really appreciate it. Ava is a well socialised, friendly, outgoing bird who is both gentle and seemingly fearless! Her plumage is immaculate and glossy. She travelled well, settled immediately and preparing meals for her (which is all supplied in a dietary fact sheet given by Trish) is a pleasure. (She is the most ravenous bird I have ever met - the diets of my own birds have since expanded with Trish's advice!) For anyone looking for a perfect, feathered companion, look no further than The Parrot Package. You won't look elsewhere again. :) Thanks again.

Rhiannon Grundy … Batemans Bay NSW

The Parrot Package were extremely helpful when it came to myself and Barry owning a parrot for the first time. We had no idea of the behavioural patterns when dealing with our new hen Eclectus. Trish kept in close contact with us and responded to every question and concern we had in the beginning. If we decide to purchase another Eclectus in the future, we would definitely use no other breeder than The Parrot Package. Elley is now roughly around 6 months old and is just a joy to have around. She's extremely talkative and laughs. She says "pretty girl, hello, peeky boo, I love u, yum, kiss kiss" ( kisses with her tongue) and some birdy mumble talk. Elley does not squawk much, she has learnt to talk to get our attention. Fantastic experience... I recommend them to anyone who has the time! Thanks Trish

Barry & Samantha ..Qld

When I first contacted the Parrot Package I received a prompt reply inviting us to come and visit to see the birds and to pick a baby for our home. Trish was very helpful and kind enough to answer all our questions. The nursery and the aviaries were to the highest standard of cleanliness and it was clear from the time we contacted Trish that a lot of work and love is put into all of her birds. We now have a beautiful baby Sun Conure named "Obi" who has a beautiful personality and is very well adjusted to home life with my family. Full credit must be given The Parrot Package and Trish for providing a wonderful caring environment for the birds and such a great service. Thank you very much Trish

Tiffany …NSW

Hello I am writing this to let everybody know who is thinking of purchasing a bird to take into consideration what sort of service you will receive after you part with your money. After numerous months searching for an Eclectus parrot in Adelaide and with so many dealers here giving false hope I started to look on the internet for a dealer interstate The Parrot Package stood out to me from the rest from the word go. Initial contact was made with The Parrot Package. Trish was so willing to help in any way she could right from the start. She was hand raising a male Eclectus that would not be ready for 5 weeks and she assured me that the 5 weeks would come around so fast. I placed a deposit on this bird, now named Chopper and the 5 weeks did fly. Each week Trish sent mean update as to Chopper's progress and his picture. Chopper was soon sent to Adelaide via plane but before that Trish made contact via phone and talked about the keeping, feeding ect of Chopper. Trish went out of her way to help as much as she could. Chopper arrived at the airport on Sunday afternoon and with a short drive in the car was soon introduced to his new home which he seems to love. This bird is so gentle and affectionate it shows that a lot of time and dedication was put into hand raising him. He has been with us now for two weeks and is just adorable and even at this young age is starting to gurgle words.Trish has also contacted us since the arrival of Chopper to make sure all is going well. I have nothing less but praise for Trish and The Parrot Package in respect of the work and effort they put into their birds.

James … Adelaide S.A

Hi Trish Thanks again for the effort and attention to detail that you put in during the recent purchase of the King parrots. I would not hesitate at all in recommending dealing with you and your business.

Mark Laube …Adelaide S.A

To Trish I would like to say thank you very much for helping with the purchase of our lovely Rio ( Blue and Gold Macaw) she is very caring and loving and we are very happy with her she is comfortable and getting used to us. Thank you for your continued help and advice. Loving and enjoying Rio

Marietta … Melbourne

Hi Trish, Hello, I would like to thank The Parrot Package for there outstanding communication and excellent service they supplied when buying my 2 wonderful, healthy and in great feather Eclectus parrots. Keep up the good work.

Stewart … Qld

Hi Trish, I just wanted to say a big thank-you for being so patient with me and helping me choose the right bird to suite me. You were extremely professional and I could tell you were definitely passionate about your birds. I'm very happy with my little Cinnamon Green Cheek, Lollypop! It's only been a couple of days but his little personality not to mention his cheekiness is already showing. I was already like a proud parent yesterday, taking photos to show my family and friends. I will definitely recommend "The Parrot Package" to anyone who is looking to buy a parrot or pet products! In fact, I've already sent the link to a few people I know who already have parrots. Lollypop is just beautiful and bringing a lot of joy into my life. (Not to mention amusement).

Tash (Natasha Reid)… Sydney

Late last year I contacted The Parrot Package , found after searching the Internet looking for parrots. I had just lost my beautiful 3 year old Alexandrine male Oscar (who accidentally flew off with clipped wings - from a friend s house). Heartbroken after searching frantically for him for a couple of months, Trish came to my rescue. Trish was very sympathetic and understanding of my distress from loosing my chatty feathered friend Oscar, who had become a part of my daily life. Trish gave me lots of excellent information regarding the different parrot breeds and after much thought and discussion I drove to Wollongong to visit Trish s wonderful home and meet all her delightful parrots. I was very impressed with the order and cleanliness of the aviaries, baby bird nursery, and of the lovely fresh food provided to all the parrots from baby to adult. Trish is a natural with birds and in turn the parrots respond to Trish with the same gentle, calm, happy nature. As I was still hoping to find my male Alex. I decided I would like a female parrot who could be his companion just in case he flew back into my life. Trish recommended a delightful baby female Eclectus who is now called Lucy. I met her on my first visit and she was such a darling I fell in love with her. Lucy is now 5½ months old, already talking saying Hello Mary , Mary Kiss , Good morning and whistling really well. She flies hovers and lands beautifully and is a very calm gentle happy soul. I am so happy I came across The Parrot Package website. And I would highly recommend Trish to anyone looking for a lovely parrot addition to his or her family or for parrot advice or bird boarding. I have already asked Trish to line me up at the end of this year with a little male Eclectus to add to the joy of my and Lucy s life.

Mary Wise … Cammeray NSW

To anyone wanting a new feathered friend. We have recently purchased a macaw through Trish from The Parrot Package. Trish kept us informed every step of the way. Every question was answered promptly and honestly. Trish also sent us photos of our new friend. This was a significant purchase for us, but Trish gave us assurances every day right up until our macaw was finally freighted to us in Brisbane. Trish has kept in touch with us even after the purchase to make sure our new feathered friend had settled in ok. It has been a pleasure dealing with Trish and I would not hesitate in recommending The Parrot Package to any other bird lovers.

Paula Spicer … Brisbane

Thankyou Trish for your wonderful Parrot Package service and the safe delivery of little 'Lewis' From the first email I sent in regards to finding another little feathered baby, your ongoing help and advice has been exceptional, personal and very professional. The detailed information, gorgeous baby photos and regular updates on my little Sun Conure's progress were wonderful and greatly appreciated. Lewis is a delight, I've been absolutely thrilled with his lovely nature and very quiet, friendly personality from the moment he arrived. Even now, receiving your emails in regards to his progress show how much you really care. Would I deal with The Parrot Package again? ABSOLUTELY!! I would insist anyone looking for a little feathered buddy to definately inquire at The Parrot Package. Thankyou so much

Leea Emerald … Qld

To Whom it May Concern This letter is to offer our thanks to the Parrot Package and Trish for organizing the purchase of our new FID,(feathered kid). In early June we contacted Trish in relation to advice regarding our purchase of a parrot as we had recently retired and were after a new interest. After explaining our expectations Trish suggested an Eclectus was the way to go. After a meeting and a guided tour of the Parrot Package s aviaries, Trish organized our new addition. Rambo , an 8 week old male Eclectus was earmarked to become a member of our family. Trish organized weekly photos and kept us up to date on his progress and weaning until he was able to be introduced to his new home. On the day Rambo was able to be placed in his new home; Trish brought Rambo to our house and instructed us about his care. Rambo is now part of the family and very settled in his new environment. This is in no small way a reflection of the care and advice Trish has given us. We have contacted Trish several times in the last few weeks with questions and she has been eager to assist us in providing advice. We have no hesitation in providing this reference for the Parrot Package and would recommend anyone thinking of purchasing a FID to contact Trish knowing they will enjoy the same level of advice and support that was given to us.

Ross and Robyn Parkin… Wollongong

THE PARROT PACKAGE (TRISH) ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC If anybody is looking for birds I recommend Trish from The Parrot Package absolute delight to deal with, extremely helpful and is a honest person, no stuffing around like many other people I have dealt with .. Will be 100% dealing with her again. Thanks again Trish for such an easy transaction absolutely love the Blue and Gold Macaw.

S.B … Melbourne

Trish @ The Parrot Package Thankyou so much for your wonderful help & advice throughout the whole process of picking our little Sun Conure "Sisqo". He's a wonderful little ball of feathers that has us in complete awe. We can't wait to watch him grow & be a part of both mine & Damien's life. You've done a wonderful job in his early life & we thankyou for that. I would recommend you to anyone wanting to purchase a Sun Conure or any bird breed that comes from your aviary. Thank you so much

Shay Damien & Little Sisqo …. Melbourne

Hi Trish & John, My husband & I would like to thank you for sending us the most gorgeous baby Sun Conure, who we have called Hooch. We have been overwhelmed by your service, both before purchasing & after, your knowledge & help is impeccable, & we couldn't begin to find the true words of our gratitude & excitement. Even in just such a short time, we would highly recommend you to anyone, What we would like to say is that you are an absolute credit to the bird world, & your birds are an outstanding tribute to the love & care you spend with them, purchasing through you would make anyone come back over & over again. Thank you for fulfilling one of my dreams in everyway.

Michael & Joanne Johnson …Cootamundra NSW

"The Parrot Package definitely has EVERYTHING for your feathered friend. Not only do they supply awesome toys and notorious food, they have been an endless amount of support for us as new owners of one of their wonderful birds. Trish has provided 24/7 advice and assistance, and "checks up" on our baby every now and then to make sure everything is still running smoothly. We have nothing but praise and admiration for Trish and John at The Parrot Package and would recommend any bird owner, or bird-owner- to-be, check them out, they are excellent".

Naomi and Alex … Sydney NSW

Hi Trish, We would like to say a big THANK YOU for all the trouble that you went to during our recent macaw transaction. We have been extremely impressed by your attention to all the details to ensure that both the vendor and the purchaser knew exactly what was happening and were happy with the process. From our viewpoint the end result has been a very satisfied purchaser and, most importantly, a delightful pair of birds who were able to move house without stress thanks to your efforts. We would have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone who has the welfare of their birds at heart.

Steve & Stephanie Robinson …Darling Downs Zoo

I have utilised the services of The Parrot Package to locate and purchase birds for me on several occasions. I have always found Trish s services to be of the highest order providing me with quality birds at competitive prices. I recommend the services of The Parrot Package to all Bird Enthusiasts

Greg Anderson – Mackay Qld

Trish, Annie is just over 18 months old now and we have come along way since meeting you when we picked her up. would like to thank you for your ongoing support and friendliness, I would have no hesitation recommending your services to anyone out there looking at purchasing or having you raise their birds. The customer service you offer is second to none and from our experience this shows with the temperament that our Eckie 'Annie' has. We have 2 children and she fly's to them on command and eats with them and sometimes even wants to sleep with them. Thank you so much and keep in touch.

Jon & Debbie -Belfield, NSW

The Parrot Package is wonderful!! We recently got a gorgeous Albino cockatiel off Trish. He has definitely brightened things up with his beautiful nature. His name is Charlie, and we look forward to the many years we shall have with him. Thank you Trish for raising him . And all those wonderful photos you sent us each week. We recommend The Parrot Package to anyone and everyone who loves birds. It s obvious they love what they do, and put a lot of effort and love into raising their birds. When we picked up Charlie we were very impressed with all of Trish s babies, she has put a lot of hard work into what she does. So if you are after that special pet, speak with Trish, we highly recommend her.

Blake & Meleah – Sydney NSW

To any parrot lover out there who is looking for a bird that has been beautifully hand reared. I would have no hesitation in recommending Trish Saltalamacchia. We adopted our most loving Female Eclectus ("Becky") 18 months ago now and from the day she was born Trish kept us informed with her progress with regular emails and photos. Even after Becky came to live with us Trish kept in contact and still does and she has never minded if I phoned her for advice at any time. She is a very caring person and this shows through in the temperament of her birds. People always comment on how beautiful Becky is and this is due to Trish's Breeding pattern. I have seen quite a few Eclectus over the past eighteen months and would go as far as to say that compared to the birds I have seen Becky is definitely one of the best I have seen. Thankyou so much Trish for the chance to have this precious princess living with us.

Annette and Mim Georgiou – Hervey Bay QLD