Layby Your Exotic Bird

Layby Your Exotic Bird

Every bird lovers dream is to own an Exotic bird.

Here at “THE PARROT PACKAGE” is where you can pay off an exotic bird 6-12 mths prior, till your baby is ready.

Our layby structure commences with an “Initial deposit” (details below on the amount required for particular species) The first initial deposit is “non refundable” should one choose to cancel their layby after commencing.

We ask that you acknowledge to us via email that you have read and are aware of our terms & conditions.

Thereafter deposit, you can make as many payments, any amount you are comfortable with, right up until your baby is ready. We do require full remaining balance to be finalised 3 days before delivery.

INITIAL DEPOSIT required for the following species: Full prices on birds are quoted via email prior to your layby.

Scarlet / Greenwinged Macaws $1000

Blue & Gold Macaws / African Greys $500

Amazons / Hahns Macaw / Caiques / Eclectus $200

LAYBY PLAN Terms & Conditions – One is able to commence payments early as 12 mths prior to delivery of any of the following Exotic Species: Macaws, African Greys, Hahns Macaws, Amazons, Caiques, Eclectus Should one decide after they commence their layby, that they wish to cancel. The first initial deposit required for that particular bird is “non refundable”. Any payments made thereafter, are reimbursed. Laybys are available to help those wanting to own an exotic parrot. The comforts to pay it off as one waits, works well for many.

The Parrot Package make it easy for you …. An Exotic Feathered Friend is every bird lovers dream!

We don’t Just sell Birds – we sell FRIENDLY FEATHERED FRIENDS!


Hi, Welcome to our site! We have been breeding & raising birds for 18yrs. Hope to assist you with a gorgeous hand raised pet bird for your next family addition!