Super Friendly Parrots

Super Friendly Parrots

Purchasing a Friendly Feathered Friend

Here at The Parrot Package you can rest assured that the baby parrot that you decide on will be an addition to your family that you are going to love and enjoy.

This is where it begins… All babies are raised on quality formulas and weaned onto fresh & top-grade food sorts.
A healthy baby is a happy bird. One that will be quite attentive when out n about, learning what life being a pet bird is all that we teach them before they venture on.
All babies we provide from our breeders, appreciate all their pats n cuddles.

They are not over handled as that can create a problem on its own.
We will share with you all the traits, so your baby will not be too confused with the change.
The support you have from us before & after sales, is definite.


Hi, Welcome to our site! We have been breeding & raising birds for 18yrs. Hope to assist you with a gorgeous hand raised pet bird for your next family addition!