Train Them Young

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Train Them Young

Training In The Nursery


All our baby parrots are taught to love being held, love being pat.
They are trained to step up on command, some even learn to fly to us when called. Certain breeds love to lay on their back in your hand or lap.
Not every baby will learn the same as another, as they are all individuals.

We get to know each one and what its likes n dislikes are. Very important to not push a baby parrot into doing something its not happy with. That causes them to become insecure.
Our babies are socialised to like their cages during the day. They have allocated play out sessions during each day. They do not get to stay out all day. Very important for a bird to love its cage, as its their safety haven.

We basically bring birds up for working families. They are familiar with times of the day when they come out as to when the family would be home.
For the largest being Macaws we harness train them… As the macaws are so puppy like, it is easy for someone else to take over this training method.
It is fine for other birds to be harness trained, but we advise their new owners to carry that out once they have become friends with their baby.
Reasons being: One person will not place a harness on the same as another.

Therefore, it can spook the bird in question and that will just ruin the chance of having your bird harness trained.

We will share with you all our traits, so your baby will not be too confused with the change.
The support you have from us before & after sales, is definite.


Harness Training a Blue & Gold Macaw 






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