Our Parrot Nursery

Our Parrot Nursery


Our Parrot nursery is where all our babies are born. Sometimes from an egg (when their mom doesn’t want to sit on the eggs anymore) not a practice we like to encourage though.

As we love their moms to give that better start in life.

All babies are kept in heated brooders for the first 5-7 weeks of their life, pending the breed of parrot.

Once they start getting 1/2 body of feathers they are then into a holding

carrier where they can adjust to the room temperature.


They are hand raised, flighted & trained and taught how to eat food sorts by themselves.

Here they learn to mingle amongst other birds and have out times to play.                                                                         

Once they eat fully on their own they are right to go live with their new family.


We are open for those who would like to visit, by appointment only though.

So feel free to call and make a day & time with Trish, she will be happy to have you here.



Hi, Welcome to our site! We have been breeding & raising birds for 18yrs. Hope to assist you with a gorgeous hand raised pet bird for your next family addition!