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    We provide quality hand raised birds

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    The Parrot Package

    Hand Raised Parrots

    We provide quality hand raised birds

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    The Parrot Package

    Hand Raised Parrots

    We provide quality hand raised birds

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    The Parrot Package

    Hand Raised Parrots

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Hand Raised and Trained

Hand Raised and Trained

Small Parrots

Small parrots still have big personalities. There are quite a few breeds to choose from.

Medium sized Parrots

Many breeds available. Can learn to talk and even sing a nursery rhyme when taught correctly. You'll absolutely adore these beautiful Parrots!

Medium / large Parrots

When your not looking for a big bird & not wanting a smaller bird. Then there a few to choose from. Their vocabulary become more so than the smaller parrots. So lots of fun teaching them to talk.

Super Friendly

Our babies here are raised to be indoor pets. They are friendly and socialised among family members. Making them happy to be handled!

Train them young

Our babies learn from day one how to be handled with love & affection. They grow fast and learn quite a bit during their time with us

Raised by Hand

Babies are raised by hand not by syringe. We dedicate our time for feeding by spoon. This gives the baby time to appreciate the hand that feeds them.

Our Parrots

Hand Raised and Trained

hand raised parrots

A Handraised Parrot for you is exactly what we achieve with our young ones

As pets, they need to know that being handled is a way of life.
We like to know our babies settle right into their new families nicely.

we support you and your parrot

Support from us always!

¬†Support ….is no1 from us when you take home your Feathered Friend. Anytime you need to know something or your not sure how things are going…we will always be here.

baby parrots

A Parrots Diet

Your babies diet is very important to keep them happy & healthy
Parrots have a long life span, so we feed them right from the very beginning
When you purchase your baby from us, all its diet information is handed to you
You will have all you need to know

parrot cages

Parrot Cages… Which one is right for my Bird?

We will advise you on the right cage for your Feathered Friend!

Our Aviary Complex & Parrot Nursery

All our breeding birds are cared for in a very clean environment. So too are the babies in the nursery.

Bird Species

Greencheek Conure Scientific Name: Pyrrhura molinae Origin: South America Size: 10 inches in length Life span: 20-30yrs Noise: medium   Sun Conure Scientific Name: Aratinga solstitialis Origin: South America, specifically north eastern Brazil and Guyana.¬† Size: 12 inches in length Life Span: Up to 30 yrs Noise: Loud ….can get screechy Plum Head Parrot Scientific […]

Our Parrot Nursery

  Our Parrot nursery is where all our babies are born. Sometimes from an egg (when their mom doesn’t want to sit on the eggs anymore) not a practice we like to encourage though. As we love their moms to give that better start in life. All babies are kept in heated brooders for the […]

The right cage for your bird!

Selecting the right cage … prior to bringing your Parrot home This is the first major purchase before selecting your new Feathered Friend. There are a number of designs and styles available that we will happily help you choose the right one for your bird. A simple design will be easier to clean and maintain. […]

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Our facilities

hands-on training

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daily sessions

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Read our testimonials below

we have many happy customers

I would just like to say thank you again for breeding such a great parrot and being so supportive and professional during the procedure. He is a really happy parrot and is very friendly with my family. I would recommend the quality of your parrots to everyone. You'll hear from me again

Mik from Prestons NSW

The Parrot Package raised a sweet, inquisitive Cinnamon Greencheek Conure that has been welcomed and loved into our family. She is excellent natured and easily handled and by the second day was extremely content in her new home. Everything about the process of purchasing the parrot through, to the helpful information supplied to help a first time family look after and care for such a creature was excellent. I would recommend The Parrot Package to anyone wishing to purchase a parrot. The temperament and personality of this little creature is a testament to the obviously loving environment it was raised in, before it became a member of our family.

Kieran from Melbourne

trish saltalamacchia

By handling the Parrots early they become much friendlier and more advanced.

Trish Salta

trish saltalamacchia

Hand Raised Parrots are the best Parrots!

Trish Salta