Parrots for Sale

Parrots for Sale

Our handraised babies are ready for their new family. All are in beautiful health / feather.

We deliver safely Australia wide…. via air & road (cost applies)

Date: March 2018 Eclectus baby girl
This special little girl has the most gorgeous personality

Also,has learned to fly upon command (see video here)

Steps up promptly and loves her cuddles and attention

Will make a wonderful family addition!


Date: March 2018 Eclectus baby boy
So affectionate, beautiful little boy.

Baby steps up when asked. Loves to have his cuddles

These parrots learn to talk really good


 Date: March 2018  Blue & Gold Macaw babies
macaw parrot The ultimate bird to own

There are gorgeous babies coming up ready for the end of April 2018

This video

is of past babies we’ve raised. Just to give you an insight into what their temperament is like


Date: March 2018 Hahns Macaw baby
These are the smaller Macaw but have a very big personality

Gender: Male

The Hahns Macaw is full of charm…those who own one would are always entertained by them



Date: March 2018  Quaker green baby 
 green quaker This little bubs is just adorable…so loving

Gender: unknown

The Quaker parrot can learn to talk fairly clear and love learning tricks



Date: March 2018 Yellow Crowned Amazon 
  One of the great talking parrot to own. Their intelligence is on the high side

They can talk and sing if you’d like to teach them. A great companion

Gender: male & female available